Wednesday , July 28 2021

how to turn down a job offer — Ask a Manager

I’m currently between jobs and have already decided I will be declining any further contact with one possible employer.

Application process was … difficult. Instead of just sending a resume, they made you type all the information in to their website (with separate boxes for each previous employer, and your name and address, and references, and etc. and with formatting stripped out, so you couldn’t just cut and paste), and then the website immediate launched you into assessments. There was no indication how long the assessments would take, and according to the instructions on the website, they had to be done within 4 hours — you could not return the next day and do them.

Assessments took two full hours to conclude, including an hour spent on multiple “personality assessments” that you had to pass for the job.

And THEN they checked my references before I ever had an interview, and without asking for permission. (Good thing I’m already fired and between jobs because another employer blabbed to the boss that I was job hunting, I guess?)

Once I passed the background check, they called me for an on-the-spot phone interview. No warning. No, “Would this be a good time?” Just a random call that I answered while in traffic because I thought it might be from an employer offering me a job. (I’d just left an in-person interview and they said they would get back to me within hours. That other employer, incidentally, has never called me back and is now ghosting me.) The interviewer was annoyed because I told them I would call them back in five minutes after I found a good place to park that was safe. However, phone interview went well, and she advised me, weirdly, of what salary they would be offering me based on my experience (I have loads of experience and skillz that they are looking for), which was … acceptable, if not particularly high for the industry.

And then they decided, after THAT phone interview, that they would need to do ANOTHER phone interview with another person … and scheduled a time and told me to make sure my phone was charged because the second phone interview would be a conference call with multiple people and would a full hour.

And … then they never called.

If I wasn’t so desperate for a job, and if this wasn’t for a potential work-from-home opportunity, I would have quit playing sometime around the hour-long personality assessment. I’m definitely done with them now. Glassdoor reviews for the company seem to indicate that the red flags are correct, too; lots of employees complaining about unreasonable expectations on their time, and lack of work/life balance, and general inconsiderate behavior. Forget turning down a job, I’m turning down any future interviews.

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