Thursday , July 29 2021

How to unregister the Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) from the onCrem vCenter server?

I recently had to redistribute my Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) configuration on my onCrem vCenter Server while a newer version was released from the last time I had watched this, which was a bit of a time. 39; last year. I had already deleted my HCX Manager and cleaned up the other HCX virtual machines but one thing that is not managed at the moment are the extension plugins that HCX uses to register with vCenter Server, which is not unlike any other solution that integrates with vCenter Server.

Today, the only easy way to unregister an extension is to use the vSphere MOB, which I talked about here in the past. As you can see from the screenshot below, HCX has a number of plugins and since this is done by hand, it is quite possible that you could accidentally unregister the wrong extension which could have a serious impact on vCenter Server.

To help reduce this risk, an alternative and recommended method is to simply use the vSphere API (which is exactly what vSphere MOB is talking about) and specify specific extensions to unregister. Below is a brief PowerCLI snippet that communicates with the vSphere API and unregisters the 8 extensions related to HCX. After that, if you are still connected to the vSphere client, simply log off and reconnect so that the user interface components are no longer used. If the user interface plug-ins continue to be displayed, the vSphere client service may need to be restarted.

Once the HCX extensions are removed, you can now download the new HCX Manager appliance from the VMC portal and redeploy it.

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