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How to use 1Password and LastPass to automatically fill in passwords in iOS 12

The iOS 12 password automatically fills LastPass third-party applications

The life of an iCloud keychain user is pretty simple. They can easily fill out user names and passwords in Safari and in apps. In the iPhone app, the process takes place automatically! Since Face ID is scanned by itself, it is not necessary to physically press a button! Now, the same seamless experience will also be available to users of third-party password managers such as 1Password and LastPass!

C & # 39; is a new API in iOS 12 that allows third-party providers like LastPass to connect directly to the system to automatically fill in the passwords of iOS 12. You will be able to enter username and password for any site where you have stored credentials. An important thing to note is that this function is only for automatic password compilation. If you manually log in to a new site, iOS will not ask you to save the details on LastPass (such as when using the iCloud keychain). In iOS 12, you can use up to two password handlers at the same time.

The process is the same, regardless of the password manager you are using. We will use LastPass as an example, but the function will work just as well with 1Password.

Download: LastPass (free)

Download: 1Password (free)

Enable third-party password managers to work with the iOS 12 auto-fill feature

First of all, you have to make sure that the password manager of your choice supports the automatic filling function. LastPass and 1Password have already been updated to work with the iOS 12 auto-fill feature.

Step 1: Open settings -> Account and password -> Automatic password compilation and then enable the function.

The IOS 12 password automatically fills third-party applications with LastPass 3

Step 2: Touch the LastPass option below to activate it (or the password manager you are using). LastPass advises you to disable iCloud Keychain for the best experience, but you do not have to do it.

Now, the LastPass automatic filler integration is active.

Open the LastPass app, log in with your credentials and make sure all your accesses are updated. If you do not find any login, you can add them manually by tapping the button + button.

How to automatically fill in passwords using LastPass or 1Password

Now, let's see the automatic filling function in action.

Step 1: Open an & # 39; app or website where you already have login details saved in LastPass (or the password manager you have enabled from Settings).

The IOS 12 password automatically fills third-party LastPass 2 applications

Step 2: Touch the Username field and you should see an automatic suggestion for the website above the keyboard or in place of it.

Step 3: If you do not see a suggestion, you can touch the small key icon. This will open LastPass with a list of all saved logins. You can select a login from here and it will be automatically filled in on the page.

The IOS 12 password automatically fills third-party applications with LastPass 1

And all there is to do. Use the LastPass website or the 1Password app on your iOS device or Mac to add login. So automatically fill them on iOS without problems!

Your password management workflow

Do you use 1Password or LastPass on all your devices? Or do you use another app or a password management service? Share with us in the comments below.

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