Thursday , July 29 2021

How to use Pet Hair Eraser® Turbo

Your Pet Hair Eraser® Turbo can clean many different surfaces. We'll show you how!

  • To turn on the vacuum cleaner, connect it to a grounded outlet and press the ignition switch to the ON position
  • Then, turn the brush switch ON to use the Power Brush for carpet cleaning. You will know that the Brush is lit when the light on the switch is lit.
  • For bare floors, we recommend that you make sure the brush roller is turned off. To turn it off, make sure the switch is in the OFF position
  • Then, gently step on the base and pull back the handle to recline
  • The vacuum cleaner has an adjustable floor type setting that allows easy cleaning on multiple surfaces
  • Slide down for high carpeting or soft toys and on bare floors
  • If you have difficulty pushing, move the setting closer to the high mat or soft mat until it becomes easier to push
  • Your vacuum cleaner also has different tools for cleaning the floor
  • The quick release extension wand comes off the handle to clean hard-to-reach spaces
  • Works with the Pet TurboEraser® tool suitable for stairs
  • It also works with the 2-in-1 animal brush. It has soft bristles for delicate / delicate surfaces. It also has rubber protrusions to collect pet hair
  • The elastic tube can also be removed from the extension bar. To do this, rotate the tube from the back of the wand to remove it
  • The instruments can be connected directly to the tube
  • When you have finished using the piano instruments above, replace the tube on the wand. Then put the wand back into the void and slide it into place

That's all! We hope you found these tips and now you're ready to start cleaning!

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