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How to watch all the falling TV programs after cutting the cable

How to watch all the falling TV programs after cutting the cable

Mike Snider |

6.00pm EDT 17th September 2018

The arrival of the new autumn television season was a great thing.

However, with more viewers cutting and shaving pay-TV cable and some simply bypassing traditional pay TV for broadband distributed content, major networks have seen their grip on the public decrease.

In these days, new television programs come and go series hit throughout the year on a growing variety of channels. For example, the second season of "Ozark" by Netflix arrived two weeks ago, the same day that Amazon Prime Video launched "Tom Clancy & # 39; s Jack Ryan". And Hulu just launched his latest series "The First" with Sean Penn.

"A lot of the shine of the fall lineup has practically gone," said Rob Silvershein, former television executive with Plano, Texas, research company The Diffusion Group.

Since viewers have switched from digital video recorders to video streaming on Netflix and Amazon, "the excitement of the fall season is disappearing," he said. "It's much more about the program, not about the networks".

Again, to see the latest episodes of series returns – such as "The Big Bang Theory (CBS)", "Empire (Fox)", "This Is Us (NBC)" and "The Good Doctor (ABC)" – you will want a subscription-based streaming service that offers popular transmission networks and cable channels.

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Here are the best TV streaming options to reach and keep up with your shows:

Hulu has options if you want to watch live TV or on-demand episodes. Hulu with Live TV ($ 39.99 a month, seven-day free trial) includes more than 60 channels such as CNN, Disney Channel, Fox News, ESPN, NBC Sports and TBS and local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels part of the United States. In an agreement announced Wednesday, Hulu also added the Discovery Channel.

You also have access to more than 30 apps with your subscription and can store up to 50 hours of programming in the Cloud DVR. Need more space? You can upgrade to 200 hours with an additional $ 14.99 monthly. Do you need more than two simultaneous video streams? Get unlimited streams at home and three on the go for $ 14.99 (upgrade to larger DVRs and multiple streams at $ 20).

Live TV subscribers also get Hulu's on-demand subscription streaming service, which purchased separately costs $ 7.99 a month for limited spots or $ 11.99 for no ads. It has new episodes of shows like "The Voice", "Black-ish", "911" and "The Good Doctor" available the day after the episodes on air and the older ones, including past past seasons of current shows like "This It is Us "and" The Gifted ". Also available are original Hulu originals such as "The Handmaid & # 39; s Tale" and "Castle Rock". There are also seasons complete with classic series like "Glee", "ER", "Rick & Morty" and "Seinfeld". Available films include "Allied" and "Star Trek: Beyond".

Hulu subscribers can also add Showtime ($ 8.99 a month), HBO ($ 14.99) or Cinemax ($ 9.99) – and you can join HBO and Cinemax together for $ 19.98.

YouTube TV ($ 40 monthly, seven days free trial) has more than 50 channels including ABC Local, CBS, Fox and NBC in much of the United States. You can also use your subscription credentials to access a long list of network apps including ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC. In addition to an unlimited cloud cloud, YouTube TV also has a lot of on-demand programming, including recent episodes of shows like "Fear the Walking Dead". Three simultaneous flows are allowed.

PlayStation Vue (starts at $ 44.99, five-day free trial) has more than 50 channels including local networks (ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC) in much of the country in its cheaper package. Prices are also included in the lowest level: AMC, CNN, ESPN, Fox News, FX, TBS, TNT and USA. PS Vue, which does not require a PlayStation video game console, also has a cloud DVR and five simultaneous video streams. Depending on your membership level, you can access up to 60 apps when you can log in with your PS Vue credentials. On-demand shows include "How I met your mother" and "Better to call Saul". The Ultra level ($ 79.99 per month) has more than 85 channels including EPIX, HBO and Showtime.

DirecTV now. The AT & T property service (prices starting at $ 40 monthly, seven days free trial) has local ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC channels and can provide all four major networks to around 70% of the US – about 90% get at least one (insert your postcode to see which networks you can get). Subscribers can also get on-demand content from those networks like "Queen Sugar" and "Yellowstone". A subscription to DirecTV Now also allows you to access more than 40 apps, depending on which networks are in your plan.

Get a 20-hour cloud cloud and add a third simultaneous video stream for $ 5 a month, and add HBO or Cinemax for $ 5 a month or Showtime or Starz for $ 8 a month.

FuboTV (starts at $ 44.99, seven-day free trial) has more than 75 channels including CBS, Fox and NBC in much of the nation (fuboTV has no ABC), and recently added Turner networks including CNN, TBS , TNT, TruTV, Cartoon Network and Turner Classic Movies. The $ 49.99 fixed-price package has over 85 channels including Cooking Channel and Hallmark Drama. Both packages include 30 hours of cloud storage DVR (upgrade to 500 hours for $ 9.99 monthly). A fuboTV subscriber can use his or her subscription to access about 30 network apps, including CBS, Fox and NBC. Add a third simultaneous stream for $ 5.99 a month.

Sling TV (prices start at $ 25 a month, seven days free trial) three years ago became the first TV streaming service to provide a packet of streaming channels such as CNN, ESPN and TNT. Its Sling Orange package now has 30 channels including AMC and Comedy Central. Subscribers can also add the Sling Blue programming package for $ 40 per month for both packages. Available separately for $ 25, Sling Blue has Fox and NBC affiliates (more than 40% of the US can have one or both, Sling TV does not have ABC or CBS affiliates), as well as Bravo, FX, FS1, National Geographic and Syfy . Sling typically has shows available on request the day after the air. With Sling Blue, subscribers can access the Fox and NBC apps for on-demand shows; other Sling apps give you access to Bravo and USA. Sling Orange subscribers receive a stream, while Blue subscribers receive three; sign up for both and get four.

Amazon channels. If you are a member of Amazon Prime ($ 119 all year), you can stream original series such as "Forever", a new comedy with Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen, nominated for Emmy "The Wonderful Lady Maisel" and already mentioned "Tom Clancy & # 39; s" Jack Ryan. "There are also serial seasons like" The Americans. "(Also get two-day free shipping, streaming music and other Prime Video movies and TV shows with the Prime subscription.)

In addition, you can subscribe to "channels" such as HBO, Showtime, CBS All Access and Acorn TV through Amazon, and those channels will be incorporated into your Prime Video menu when you log in.

Netflix. In addition to its original series such as "BoJack Horseman", "Iron Fist" and "Ozark", the streaming service has TV programs such as "NCIS", "Luther" and "Broadchurch". The monthly subscription starts at $ 7.99 (one month free trial); get four simultaneous streams and 4K Ultra HD video for $ 13.99 a month.

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