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How to watch KNPB | Of

How to watch KNPB

on line
The KNPB and PBS programs are available on-demand on Many programs are available for free, while others require an advantage for members of the KNPB passport, which starts at $ 5 per month and helps support your local public television station, KNPB.

Mobile app

Download these FREE apps and watch your favorite KNPB content on the go or at home with some smart TVs and digital media players.

PBS video

Enjoy the best of KNPB and PBS content whenever you want, from WILD NEVADA and ARTEFFECTS to NOVA and FRONTLINE.


Keep your children engaged with high-quality children's programs from PBS. Tune in to your child's favorite show or watch the KNPB PBS KIDS 24/7 live channel.

Cable or satellite

KNPB is available to cable and satellite service subscribers in northern Nevada and northeastern California. Channels may vary depending on the area you live in, so check with your local cable service provider for more information.

Channel lists for the Reno / Sparks area:

  • Charter communications – Canale 5 and 785
  • DirecTV – Channel 5
  • VCR – Channel 5
  • US media – Channel 15
  • Dish Network – Channel 9006

Over-the-Air antenna or receiver

KNPB transmits three digital channels on radio waves: KNPB, KNPB Create and KNPB PBS KIDS, which can be found in 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 throughout northern Nevada and northeastern California.


If you can not receive KNPB over the air, try moving the antenna or receiver closer to a window. If this does not work, try resuming the TV or receiver.

To re-run the scan:

• Press the menu button on the remote control.
• In the TV menu, select the channel setting (or a similar option)
• Select the antenna or tuner
• Start a new scan.

Every TV is different, so if what you see on the screen does not match the previous steps, refer to the product manual of your TV. Information from some of the major TV producers can be found below:

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