Sunday , May 9 2021

Hurricane Florence: how to help

Giving to the Marina Cajun

Numerous groups of rescue volunteers pass through some variants of the Cajun Navy.

A registered non-profit corporation, Cajun Navy Relief, said that its volunteers, including boats, EMTs and firefighters, underwent intense training and conducted relief in previous storms, such as the Hurricane Harvey of the last year.

As the Florence hurricane approached the Carolinas, the Cajun Navy Relief had been deployed in an area near Lumberton, north-west, with bass boats, airboats and other ships, said Josh Richard, a spokesperson for # 39; organization.

The group has a PayPal account for monetary donations, which are needed to fill the fuel containers and buy meals for the boat teams and displaced persons, among other costs. Go here to donate supplies.

Animal shelters

Before the storm hit, many local animal shelters climbed to transport their charges to safe places or to adopt them.

The Atlanta Humane Society took care of dozens of dogs and cats in Beaufort, Southeast Asia, and rushed to hunt other animals in shelters on the Carolina coast to prevent it.

After Irma, last year, the organization installed 1,000 animals in an emergency shelter and, if necessary, could reopen such a structure, said Christina Hill, spokesperson for the group.

This protects the animals in case the shelters are damaged, and also free space for the lost or displaced animals that enter after the storm. (Refuges that reach capacity are sometimes forced to euthanize animals after natural disasters).

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