Thursday , July 29 2021

I want to learn how to do housework. : I want to learn

Profile: I am a 24 year-old, in a 5-year relationship with a woman I have lived more or less from the beginning. I can do some basic cooking and cleaning such as vacuum cleaners, dishes etc. But my GF has always felt that I'm not doing enough around the house and I think he's right. I rarely have clothes washed; deep cleaning or ordering the shopping.

In recent years I have become a little more aware of the internal world, gathering little things like replenishing things, letting air in, throwing out old food, etc. But we continue to have the same arguments about bigger things. I want to learn how to make second-hand household chores so that we can divide 50/50 work.

EDIT: further problem, every time I think about doing something – she always comes first and I look like a lazy hole.

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