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Joe Alwyn knows how to gape Taylor Swift

20 September 2018 / Posted by: C.J.

The first rule on dating to the Don Butterscotch is that you do not talk about the Don Butterscotch … unless you force yourself to wear a love affair in the form of a shoulder pad. Somehow, Taylor Swift is Joe Alwyn they are going strong for almost two years, e somehow we did not hear much from him about her. Joe was recently interviewed and broke the rule by mentioning Taylor! Well, he did that by saying he does not like talking about Taylor. Zzzzzz.

People say Joe is promoting his new movie The favourite, which also happens to be a friend TSwift Emma Stone. He toured the Venice Film Festival and recently sat with British Vogue, but luckily the journalist wanted to talk about the girl for that film. Joe seemed to recognize that our interests were lying … and still managed to shit in our gossip dreams:

"I am aware that people want to know this aspect of things, I think we have been very successful and now they are sunk to people … but I really prefer to talk about work".

We're not here to talk about your job, Joe! We want to know what color Taylor's toothbrush is, if he lets you have your clothes drawer in each of his houses, and if he ever manages to bring back that terrifying 4th July party! Ah well. Sources have already reported how Taylor is in a "nice place"In her career and in her love life, which means she is happy that no one is really holding her feet on the fire Kim Kardashian I'll unmask her as a liar and people ask you less if she wants to slap Karlie Kloss in face. At least we tried to get more information: his love life. I guess Joe was already a little relieved by publishing his former private Instagram to show that he and Taylor were at the same cactus in May, so it's something! Right?! God, I need a life.


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