Thursday , December 3 2020

Justice Talk DIY Live Gear, & # 39; Woman Worldwide & # 39 ;: Watch

Having just finished a set at the Life Is Beautiful festival stacked in Las Vegas, the iconic French electro duo Justice stopped at the Board offices to meet the director Matt Medved and talk about their last live tour and the next live album Woman all over the world. It is an album that Justice & # 39; s Xavier De Rosnay says works as a sort of "greatest hits of justice" but with all new versions.

"We have to adapt the songs between the versions of the album and the live form: we create albums in a very selfish way, we make music for ourselves, we do not really think if the tracks will be danceable or they will be friendly in any way, but the live show is the exact opposite and the music we produce when we play live is really for the audience first and foremost so it needs to read a lot of things to make things simpler even more dance-oriented. "

It took about eight months of testing, about a year of touring and four months of editing to bring this final version to the studio. Justice also spoke of his musical process on the stage; that is, a special "hacked" version of Ableton.

"We've gone from using, I do not know, maybe 12 percent of software resources five years ago to date 150 percent of it," he explains, "but it's because we work with a group of guys who really help us to hacking software, they had to change it. "They also created their own midi controllers, to do exactly what they needed, no, no more, no less.

Justice has also deepened its visual aesthetic design over the years (they have the influence of a retrofuture appearance Blade Runner), what goes on their mind on stage, electronic presentation vs. organic and more. It's only less than 40 minutes in length, so there's plenty to be entertained. Also, who does not want to hear thick French accents for 40 minutes?

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