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Megalodon sharks were the killers in the womb of babies

According to a study published in the journal Meal Historical Biology on Sunday, megalodons were 6.6 feet (2 m) long at birth.

The megalodon, scientifically known as the Orthodox megalodon, is a 50-foot-long[15millionto36million-year-oldsharkthatroamedtheocean15millionyearsagosaysKenshuShimadaaprofessorofpaleobiologyatDePaulUniversityinChicago

The 6.6-foot measurement is fairly accurate and coincides with other finds at the Megalodon Nurseries in Panama and Spa Spain, said Jack Cooper, a fossil shark researcher and doctoral student at the Department of Biology at Swansea University in the United Kingdom. Study.

This study is important because not much research is being done on megalodon reproduction.

To find out the length of the animal at birth, researchers performed a CT scan of Megalodon’s vertebrae, first discovered in Belgium in the 1860s. Like a tree ring, Megalodon has an annual growth band in its spine that allows scientists to track the age of the shark.

The specimen was believed to be 46 years old at the time of its death, so Shimada recalculated the growth strip and calculated the length of the animal at birth. The shark is estimated to be about 30 feet long when it dies.

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Luckily these extinct sea creatures were not so big in the womb.

Growing up in the mother, Megalodon will eat other unbroken eggs, known as internal uterine cannibalism.

The size of the prehistoric Megalodon shark with human-like fin was first revealed

“The effect of eating eggs is that only a few of the chicks survive and grow, but at birth they can be significantly larger in size,” Shimada said.

Because of their size at birth, megalodon reduces the ability of babies to eat other predators.

Some modern sharks – including megalodons – that are part of the Lamniform order also follow this behavior.

While sand tiger sharks eat unbroken eggs in the womb, Shimada said they may also eat other young.

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He says it takes a lot of energy for female sand tiger sharks to raise such large babies, but like megalodon, this evolutionary strategy reduces their chances of feeding after birth.

looking forward

Kenshu Shimada discovered a megalodon tooth outside of Tokyo when he was a teenager.

“I don’t know much about the giant shark yet,” Shimada said. He has been interested in megalodon since he was 13 when he discovered a 2-inch megalodon tooth in a geological site outside Tokyo.

This study revealed a lot about the birth of a megalodon, the specimen was 46 years old and it was the middle age of this animal.

Shimada hopes to study the sharks ‘later years, which are estimated to be between 88 and 100 years old, in order to study the sharks’ growth patterns.

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