Sunday , August 14 2022

Missing family


Stephanie van Nguyen, 26, who went missing in 2002 from Delhi, Ohio, and her two young children, Christina (4) and John (3), said in a statement on Facebook on Friday. Delhi is a suburb of Cincinnati.
According to a missing person report with the Ohio Attorney’s Office, Newon was traveling in a green Nissan pathfinder with a 1997 Ohio license plate.

“Nuwan made a note that she was going to the Ohio River,” police said. The case was investigated but in the end it was cold.

In 2021, the Delhi Police took a fresh look at the case using the advancement of sonar technology. They were assisted by the Hamilton County Police Association Diving Team and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

After six months searching the Ohio River for clues, they say they discovered “three unique objects” last week.

Authorities are conducting further investigations, confirming the discovery of Van Nguyen’s vehicle that sank in the Ohio River in Aurora, Indiana on Wednesday. Aurora is approximately 24 miles west of Delhi.

Authorities are now working to find out if the family was in the vehicle, police said.

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