Thursday , July 29 2021

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka on How to get money * Back * to go out in the city

There is nothing really nice – and fun! – go out with family and friends to make you feel connected, right?

Well, that's exactly why the Capital One Savor card was invented.

As a spokesperson for Capital One, Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka told us all about paper and how they reward customers for shopping in restaurants and entertainment.

"Go out for dinner or a Broadway play, or a movie, or a sporting event … with your family," David explains.

"[And] The Capital One Savour card gives you 4% cash back on any type of entertainment and any type of restaurant out, "continues Neil.

"It makes perfect sense for us", adds David, "because we love going out – I love going to the theater, to love going to the movies – and we love going to restaurants".

Well, because they are good gourmets, we asked them to try a dish that became VIRAL – smoked "watermelon" ham from Ducks Eatery in New York City.

"We wanted to try something that looks more fat and juicy in your mouth," explains the owner and chef Will Horowitz of the buzzing dish, "and came the watermelon ham."

"The watermelon ham has a salty, smoky, yet sweet taste – since it is still a melon," says Will, "but also meaty at the same time."

The chef says that they begin to treat him – he will almost save him, as he says – in salts and spices for FOUR days, before smoking over oak for about six to eight hours. As if this were not enough, they roast it in the oven with rosemary and fresh garlic. Wow!

"Smoked watermelon ham ends up not really being a watermelon and it's definitely not really a ham," says Will. "It's a bit of a strange world."

"[People] they were really excited or madly out of their mind, "he continues.

So, in which of these groups fall Neil, David and Rach?

"It smells great," says Rach before taking a bite. "It smells like ham."

"He does not smell like watermelon," David intervenes. "It does not look like watermelon."

Watch the video above for their verdict! (Spoiler warning: they are all agreed that it is "wild".)

Neil, David and Rach also tried another trendy food – grilled cheese donut from New York's Clinton Hall.

See what they thought * a * in the video below:

With their Savor paper, something tells us that these are not the last trendy foods that Neil and David will try, especially because the couple lives with their family in New York!

"Being in the city, you can experience the whole world here!" says Rach.

Feel feel!

Of course, it is not necessary to live in the Big Apple to appreciate the benefits of the Savor paper: every city in the world has its surprising forms of entertainment.

But since our show makes films in New York, Capital One has helped us offer our studio members a special way to enjoy New York while they're here – with tickets to Burger Bash at the Wine and Kitchen Festival of New York, presented by Capital Uno.

(Thanks for making it possible, guys!)

Sincerely: David and Neil will both judge the event. Also, David will do his cooking demo!

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