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Some airlines are known to not share rates with certain third-party websites. Then there are airlines that do not even share all the rates with users on their websites.

Airlines that offer exclusive rates to members only

Offering exclusive rates that are only available to people signing up for a subscription, these four airlines are trying to earn loyalty by offering better prices than the general public. Often these subscriptions require an annual fee, but one of these only requires you to provide an email address. Savings can increase very quickly if these airlines fly on routes you take regularly.

Frontier Airlines – DEN discount

The DEN Discount Frontier subscription gives you access to exclusive rates, which often start at $ 15 or $ 20 one-way. The annual subscription costs $ 49.99 and will be automatically renewed each year, unless you decide to cancel the registration before the anniversary date of registration.

The registration entitles you to a maximum of 6 people on your reservation at exclusive rates provided that the member travels on the same flights. You'll be the first to learn about new offers / destinations and also to have an early access to booked flights whenever Frontier prolongs your reservation program. This can be useful if you want to make sure you get your favorite seat on a flight during peak seasons.

Frontier often has promotional codes, which offer low rates for the general public. These discounts also apply to DEN Discount rates, but there is usually little difference in price between the standard price and the DEN Discount price during these sales of promotional codes. The best offers for members of the DEN discount are when Frontier has exclusive sales that are only available to members.

There is no discount on commissions for baggage members, which is unfortunate since Frontier charges a supplement for any larger bags than a small personal item. The Frontier DEN discount members can only recover the annual membership fee from the special rates offered.

To participate, simply choose the DEN discount rate and provide your e-mail address when booking on and you will also be registered with the same registration number as the Frontier frequent flyer program. If you are only signing up for a single flight saving, remember to cancel before the end of the year or you will be automatically charged for the annual cost again. The benefits expire at the cancellation of the registration.

For more information on Frontier Airlines, read our guide on Everything you need to know before you fly Frontier.

Spirit Airlines: $ 9 Rate Club

The airline that kicked off everything, the $ 9 Fare Club of Spirit has been a strong point for the airline for many years. Although technically the rates for members are no longer $ 9, the base rate may actually be lower as airlines are now obliged to advertise a plane ticket including taxes. In fact, the actual base rate on Spirit is often only a penny.

Because members are charged only the lower user fee of $ 8.99 for passengers (online booking fee) rather than the normal $ 19.99 rate charged to non-members, the lowest total base rate (including fee of reservation) available for members is still $ 9 each way. Add fees and the lowest price including tax for club rate members is around $ 25 one-way.

Not all member rates are so low, but the Spirit $ 9 Club Fare rates are often a little lower than the standard last minute travel rates and many times you can get back the cost of 39; registration in a single flight purchase. This is especially true if you are traveling with more people as they all travel on the same itinerary where the member will get the exclusive rates.

The annual subscription initially costs $ 59.95 and is automatically renewed at $ 69.95 / year. Spirit also offers a trial subscription for $ 19.95 valid for 60 days. Trial registrations are only available for purchase when booking a flight and the benefits will not start until the next purchase, so it is better to pay only an annual subscription if you want to immediately use the benefits.

In addition to exclusive rates, Spirit $ 9 Club Members also receive a shipping discount. This may be worth joining alone, since the Spirit charges commissions for any larger bags than a small personal item. Members save $ 5 each for hand baggage and $ 9 each for hand luggage. Again, if you travel with more people and more bags, the savings add up quickly.

Unfortunately, the members' reserved rates are not discounted during the sales of Spirit's promotional code weekly, but because members can receive discounts on baggage fees, there is still some value for members even if there are no fares exclusive available on the dates of travel. Another noticeable decline in the program is that the membership fees must be purchased online, so it is not possible to go to the airport and save the online booking fee as you can do with the standard rates.

To participate, simply choose a $ 9 Club Rate when booking or sign up before booking your next flight. It is best to participate when you book a flight so that you can take advantage of the benefits of membership for as long as possible. If you merge to save on a single flight itinerary, set a reminder to unsubscribe before your anniversary date so that you are not automatically charged for the annual recurring fee. The benefits for registration expire as soon as you cancel your registration even if you have not spent an entire year.

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Volaris –

This ever-growing low-cost Mexican airline, which has recently partnered with Frontier Airlines, has its own club membership.

By subscribing to Volaris, you will get a 20% discount on the basic rate and a discount on your first stock exchange. The annual individual subscription costs $ 54.99 and can be paid on a monthly basis. The group membership costs $ 169.99 for a year and will allow you to get exclusive rates for all passengers on the same itinerary as the member.

Volaris sometimes has sales of promotional code up to 90% on the base rate for members only and savings can definitely be worth joining if you travel regularly to Mexico. With the recent expansion in Central America, these discounts can also work for flights to Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

To participate, just choose a rate when you book a flight on and you will receive a discounted airline ticket. The language is a little confused when it says "By paying this preferential rate, you choose to fly without hold baggage, with the right to take up to 2 handbags (standard size) at no additional cost." Do not be fooled by this language. If you wish to take a checked baggage, you can still add one to the reservation when booking, just as you can for non-associated fares. I think this is stated because there are no bundled rates offered to members.

That said, it's easy enough to leave without checking a bag on Volaris because the regular fare includes two full-size carrying bags. There is a total weight limit of 22 lbs., But it is also possible to pay an extra amount to increase this weight limit to 44 lbs. if you think your bags look heavy enough to actually be weighed at the gate.

Unlike Frontier and Spirit, who do not always have exclusive rates for each travel date and issue exclusive rates that come and go every day, Volaris fares are always a slight discount compared to the standard fare, even if it does not exist a specific sale. Just like other paid subscription programs, the subscription will automatically renew and your card will be charged again if you do not actively cancel by the date of your anniversary. Be careful and remember to cancel if you joined one of these clubs only to save on a single flight.

Volaris also has a separate membership program for national trips to Mexico. The v.pass plan allows you to pay a fixed monthly fee of $ 299 MXN pesos (~ $ 16 USD) for one-way trips once a month or $ 598 MXN pesos (~ $ 32 USD) for a one-way flight. return per month. So you only pay taxes and baggage fees for any non-stop flight to Mexico. One caveat is that this plan is currently only available using a credit card issued in Mexico.

The v.pass plan also includes access to fares and may be useful for those in the San Diego area who can use the Tijuana airport via the Cross Border Xpress bridge, which connects the US side. of the border directly with the airport terminal. This land border crossing is a snap as it is only for airline passengers. Basically it makes the Tijuana International Airport a secondary airport for the San Diego area.


Last but not least, WOW Air also offers exclusive rates for members of MyWOW. Best of all, registration is currently absolutely FREE. All that is required is the sending of your e-mail address to access MyWOW rates at the time of booking on

Introduced last year, MyWOW rates allow WOW to sell special rates directly on its website that it does not share with third-party booking sites. From the introduction of these rates, WOW now also requires the registration of a free MyWOW subscription in order to use all the promotional codes.

WOW Air fares can be heavily discounted during promotional code offers and since it will only cost you your email address, it is definitely worthwhile to sign up to save money. While I think this is a test run for a future paid subscription program, at the moment this is a breeze if you book a WOW Air flight. Sometimes you can completely offset the cost of shipping, and then some, simply by indicating your email address.

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