Monday , June 21 2021

Presentation of in-vitro punk for DIY by Concrete Lawn

Concrete lawn take out an abrasive form of do-it-yourself punk that will kick your teeth. It is implacable and unrepentant; a total explosion of vitriol energy.

Ever since they released their five-track EP demo in April, the four pieces of Sydney have destroyed places across the city, tearing faces away from anyone wiser enough to hear.

Photo: Jake Ollett

"We do not want to be one of those bands that disengage with the public, or be a band that staged a boring performance that then leaves": If you do not already know Concrete Lawn, it's time for it to change.

"The guys got together a bit before joining me", Says the Madison frontwoman of the band's formation.

"I would say that we all met together through mutual friends in the underground punk scene. So, why we all share opinions, morals and similar interests about our musical taste, which I imagine has enticed us to start the band".

Taking inspiration from the politically charged punk bands of the 80s (thinks X-Ray Spex, The Bags, Bikini Kill), Concrete Lawn tramples creaking guitars and reckless voices to create a sound that will leave no choice but to sit back and pay attention.

The name Concrete Lawn originally came from a song written by cousin Campbell's band East River. "He suggested we have him as our group's name at praco one day. From then on he stayed with us only because he supports such a great meaning for us ".

"Concrete Lawn refers above all to the concept of gentrification and urban development and its impact on the environment".

If you've never seen the band live, you've lost sight of it. It is easily one of the wildest live shows currently available. As Madison explodes on stage, the remaining three members decide to retreat … giving her room to fill the room completely with her volatile energy.

"We do not want to be one of those bands that disengage with the public, or be a band that staged a boring performance that then leaves", Says Madison of the live show.

"Music is a form of expression and when we are on stage we are given the opportunity to really express ourselves in the present moment and to unleash. We hope that our audience can reflect this behavior and feel free to let go and take a step back from the stresses and concerns surrounding the daily routine of everyday life.

"For example, we do not want our audience to think "shit, I work tomorrow". o & # 39; I have to deliver that essay & # 39 ;, we just want people to be in the moment because in the moment all that is in live music and performance".

Regarding the possibility of new music, the band says: "We recorded with Jez Player (The Pinheads) not so long ago for a 7-inch with some new songs, but I do not know when we will release it. Maybe a little bit before November. But, I can say that we have some great news regarding the tours".

Catch Concrete Lawn live at our NZ Week Party at The Lady Hampshire on Saturday 29 September. More information here.

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