Monday , June 21 2021

Prevent websites from tracking you in Safari on Mac

Some websites use third-party content providers. Third-party content providers can be prevented from tracing you through websites to advertise products and services.

You can also ask individual websites and others who provide these sites with content, including advertisers, not to track you.

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Prevent third-party content providers from tracking you through websites

  1. In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari> Preferences, and then click Privacy.

  2. Select "Prevent cross-site tracking".

    Unless you visit the third-party content provider, their tracking data is periodically deleted.

    Social media sites often put Share, Like or Comment buttons on other websites. If you've logged in to one of these social media sites, the buttons can be used to track your web browsing, even if you do not use them. Safari blocks that tracking. If you still want to use the buttons, you will be asked for permission to allow the site to see your activities on other websites.

Ask the websites not to track you

  1. In the Safari app on your Mac, choose Safari> Preferences, and then click Privacy.

  2. Select "Ask the websites not to follow me".

    When you visit a website, a request is sent not to trace you, but it is up to the website to honor this request.

Note: Every time you visit a website, it collects data on your device, such as the configuration of your system, and uses this data to show you a web page that works well on your device. Some companies use this data to try to uniquely identify your device, known as fingerprinting. Every time you visit a web page, Safari presents a simplified version of your system configuration. Your Mac looks more like that of all other Macs, which drastically reduces the ability of trackers to uniquely identify your device.

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