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If you are a fan of do-it-yourself projects, then this is for you.

We all have clothes at home that we have bought for a long time, but we do not wear anymore because they are no longer fashionable or simply old, boring and boring. When this happens, you always have the opportunity to give them to charity because throwing them away is not exactly perfect for the environment, since this will lead to a larger landfill that is actually one of the largest forms of pollution in the world. If you're smart, you can always switch to do-it-yourself (do-it-yourself). The good thing about do-it-yourself is that you do not have to be a real professional with your cutting and sewing skills and everything that's happened. Thanks to all the YouTube tutorials around, you just have to get inspiration from the do-it-yourself and turn something boring into a fabulous series of sconds. One of these do-it-yourself projects includes your long denim skirts or any skirt you do not wear. You can renew it by giving it a scalloped edge – the scalloped edges are basically small semi-circles on your edge in plain words. Scalloped hems are super feminine, summery and effortlessly fashionable. If you do not have the skirt you want to renew, feel free to renew your dress or even top.

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So let's get inside:

What will you need for this particular DIY?

1. Your long denim skirt that you do not wear anymore.

2. A ruler.

3. A plaster.

4. A round object like a cup.


1. The first step will be to decide how long or short you want your skirt to be. Draw a line with your chalk then hold both sides of the skirt with pins.

Now, you'll have to decide how much you want your scallops to be. You also need to make sure that the corners are less deep and lower so that the end result does not seem strange. The way you make it is by deciding first of all what you want the length of the comb and the height (you will realize your scallop model by measuring a round object like a cup or a glass, then trace the circle of seeds -little ones).


Tutorial on scalloped hem (Megannnielsen)

Once you decide that it is like three inches and you say an inch deep, you can split the edge with the length of the hairdo so you know how many combs you need to mark on the hem to avoid a situation where the scallops are not enough, or are more than the hem of the skirt. So, for example, if the edge of the border is 36 inches and the hairdo is 3 inches, 36 divide by 3 is 12, which means you'll have to measure 12 smear motifs on the edge of the skirt. The reason you have to measure is that you do not end up with 12.5 comb patterns that will not work.


DIY scalloped edge guide (apairandasparediy)

2. Now that you have already traced the scalloped pattern, simply trace the hairstyles on the hem of the skirt and cut the skirt.


Easy tutorial on how to make a scalloped hem at home (apairandasparediy)

3. You can tear off the edges if you wish. But after cutting a denim cloth, you can practically rock it like that.


Denim skirt with scalloped edge DIY (apairandasparediy)

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