Sunday , May 9 2021

Social anxiety, I do not know how to handle it !!

So my DF (dear girlfriend) invited today by one of his friends to go out with me. I barely know her and I seriously do not feel at ease. It's not that it's not pretty or something like that but I have a serious social anxiety and it's stressing me a lot. I can not really say no because this person is giving me a ride this week to my doctor. A little bit of history: I entered the preterm birth 3 times during my pregnancy. The doctors do not know why it keeps happening. I went to 5 cm dilated because of this and I just turned 36 weeks. I was 29 weeks old when it started. As a result, I went in and out of the hospital and called friends to help look at the children. Today I feel good and I just wanted to relax. Now his friend is coming today and I need to clean the house and I'm not at all ready. I woke up to the text asking what time it was supposed to come. I feel so bad, so anxious and nervous. As far as I'm concerned, I just want to drive myself to my app on Wednesday, but I'd be lying if I said that it's completely safe for me to do it in my condition. Nobody else can take me so I had to accept the passage. I know this is a 100% problem and that this lady is perfectly friendly and is just trying to help. And I do not want her to think she's "using" her for a ride and that's why I can not say no. I do not want to look like an asshole so I know that I just have to deal with this, but I'm trembling and nervous and I can not relax, but I have to let her come. I think I just want to know if someone else has a serious social anxiety and how do you manage it? Today it comes to 330, so I'm trying to prepare myself mentally but it's really hard !!

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