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SpaceX Starlink customers get a $ 100 deposit cancellation after waiting 9 months


  • Some Starlink customers have canceled their $ 100 deposit after waiting months to receive the service.
  • They said they were unable to contact the SpaceX customer service to see when the kits would be available.
  • SpaceX said the sets will arrive in mid or late 2021, but some customers are tired of waiting.

John Duran paid a $ 100 deposit to secure Starlink and he worked to restore his “terrible service, better or worse than nothing”.

After months of no communication or updates from Starlink, Duran, who lives in Montana, canceled his Starlink pre-order in September. He said he would not do that.

“I’m not angry, I’m just frustrated,” said Duran, who currently uses a mobile hotspot on his phone via Internet service provider Verizon. “I honestly don’t want to cancel.”

He is not the only Starlink customer who is so tired of waiting for the satellite internet service that led to the cancellation of deposits.

A confirmation email to SpaceX customers stated that the beta version of the service should be active between mid-2021 and late. Musk said it hopes to roll out the network and roll out its beta testing phase in October. Allowing more and more people to use Starlink.

Since the refundable deposit was made, customers have told insiders that they have not heard anything from SpaceX and do not know when they will pick up the Starlink kit.

In September, Starlink customers told Insider how frustrated they were that they could not find a way to call or email the Starlink customer service for updates.

Customers who cancel a deposit in this article receive a full refund from Starlink. They sent confirmations of the Starlink purchase and cancellation to an internal email.

SpaceX did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Hans Koenigsman, former vice president of SpaceX and the company’s fourth industrial recruiter, told Insider on Wednesday: “There are more user terminals than satellites, so that’s basically where production needs to accelerate.”

Ilker Temir, who lives on a sailboat around Seattle, also re-ordered Starlink in February.

Temir uses Comcast cable for Marina’s internet connection, but he was looking to replace this with Starlink. He canceled it because he could not catch Starlink for updates and questions about his unique living conditions.

SpaceX submitted a request in March to the Federal Communications Commission to link Starlink with moving vehicles, including ships, aircraft, and trucks. Elon Musk Tweeted Starlink is set to become a mobile phone by the end of that year in April.

Temir said he only received “a nonsensical statement in their application that the service will be available in my area by the end of 2021”.

SpaceX has previously said that global chip shortages will delay the production of StarLink user terminals, which connect plates to 1,639 satellites in orbit.

“It’s a global battle for chips,” James Yenbaumrung, CEO and founder of satellite internet service provider Moo Space, told Insider. “We’ll see Starlink’s chip shortages because the chips in their user terminals use a product line similar to the electronic and auto chips.”

Ben Mills, Idaho, He paid $ 100 to receive a Starlink deposit in April, but told insiders he had never heard of a company like Temir and Duran.

“I started to feel like I gave my money to a fraudster and it was a fake Starlink website,” he said.

Mills tried to prevent them but Hughes signed to the net.

Many more Starlink customers contacted Insider to say they are still waiting for the service to be available after paying a deposit earlier this year. Some said they plan to cancel their Starlink pre-order if they do not hear from SpaceX soon.

Starlink’s website still says that the service is only available to a “limited number of users” in some areas where it is live, and that “orders come first”.

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