Sunday , August 14 2022

Tesla’s Musk addresses Volkswagen Executive Conference


Elon Musk, boss of Tesla (TSLAO) in Frankfurt, October 16 (Tube) made a video call at the invitation of Herbert Dies, CEO of the German carmaker, who addressed 200 executives at VOWG_p.DE. A fast turn for electric vehicles.

Musk confirmed Thursday’s comments to VW managers gathered in Alpbach, Austria. Twitter Following the Handlesblatt daily report on Saturday, Handlesblatt said the VW was about becoming an “icon” and praising Tesla as his biggest challenger.

When asked why Tesla was more humble than its rivals, the paper said that when it came to his management style, he was first and foremost an engineer and had an eye on supply chains, supplies and products.

In a note on LinkedIn, Dice added that he had brought Moscow as a “wonderful guest” to bring home what he called the VWW’s biggest transformation, the need for quicker decisions and less bureaucracy.

“It is gratifying to hear that even our most powerful competitor thinks that translation can be successful if it is driven by full force,” said Dice Linkedin.

As an example of Tesla’s skill, Dice said it took the opponent only two or three weeks to rewrite software that allowed him to switch layers from one type of microchip to another.

Wise, who has emerged as Tesla’s leading competitor for global electric vehicle dominance, will continue his dialogue with Tesla, Dice said in his Twitter message on Saturday.

The CEO said, “We will get you to Grunhide soon.

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