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The best DIY gift ideas to make this daughter’s party special for your daughter

Needless to say, daughters are special and equally a blessing for parents as children. And sometimes, you should make them feel more special by making them more love and something they would love to own. The day of the daughter 2018 is coming and this year falls on September 23rd. It will be the perfect moment to give something to your daughters. Instead of looking for something ready, do some extra effort and make the most special regular gifts by adding your personal touch and creating a perfect gift for your princess.

Here are some DIY gift ideas that will make the Daughter of 2018 even more special for your daughter: –

wall stickers

When your daughter is out for her school, college or work, she peeks out from behind her room and gives it a new look. You do not have to worry much about how you will do it. Buy good wall stickers based on your tastes and stick them to the walls. If your daughter is under 10, you can pick up the cartoon stickers for her room. For the elderly, it will be better if you choose some abstract designs that will suit the theme of your room.


If your daughter loves pillows or not, a pillow that is hand painted by you will be something she would love to treasure forever. Just take a brush with the colors of the fabric and show off your skills on the fabric. If you are not very good at painting, you can also draw emojis or write a meaningful message for your daughter. Furthermore, you will appreciate your efforts more than the final result of the painting.

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Bamboo plants

In addition to your love and affection, sometimes your daughter also needs luck. Because bamboo plants are considered symbolic of luck, it will be a good idea to place a bamboo plant on the study table or in its work area. Do you wonder how to make the gift special for her? Replace the normal vase with a handmade pot or vase of the appropriate shape and size. For those who do not want to paint it, buy a colorful flower vase and attach it with cold stickers or dried decorative elements.

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Because paper bookmarks tend to be damaged after repeated use, it is a good idea to give a metallic bookmark. If you're wondering how you can make it special, here's a tip for you. Buy a metallic bookmark and add a handwritten message. You can also add your favorite message and remind your daughter of you wherever you bring this bookmark.

It's time to work to bring a big smile on your daughter's face!

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