Thursday , December 3 2020

The failed do-it-yourself costs homeowners over £ 600

When it comes to keeping a home you own, every penny counts. But, according to new research, the British are unwittingly running away hundreds of pounds by failing to get their do-it-yourself projects right first time.

A study conducted by found that 84 percent of homeowners in the UK had exceptional repair jobs that needed to be completed.

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And instead of calling the professionals, two-thirds of the respondents admitted to wearing a tool belt, rolling up their sleeves and trying to get the job done by themselves.

Be inspired-by-this-Edwardian-semi-in-Essex, -brought-to-life-with-pop-of-color-outside

Credit image: David Giles

But it seems that the old adage of "acting quickly and repenting in free time" applies to their efforts. 68% admitted they had to call a professional dealer after their DIY attempts went wrong.

Further research findings have revealed that the average British homeowner has seven do-it-yourself projects that need to be popped off the to-do list.

And when it comes to the cost of each of these errors, the study showed that the average loss for failed repair is £ 86. Add it to all seven do-it-yourself jobs and this is a financial success of £ 602 – ouch!

The research also shed light on the most common renovations that required attention for homeowners.

Painting and upholstery


Credit image: David Giles

68% of interviewed homeowners admitted that painting and wallpaper in their home had to be addressed. The flaking wallpaper and peeling are a clear "no" for potential buyers.

Laying new flooring

They look like-inside-this-London-Victorian-semi-with-a-fireplace-modern board

Image of credit: Colin Poole

52 percent of the homeowners participating in the research also revealed that they needed to lay a new floor. Few things seem smarter than laminate floors with wood effect or freshly laid wood.

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Solving a loss


46 percent of homeowners have also revealed that they have lost a flaw and have not yet made the rounds to repair it. From dripping faucets to leaky roofs, where water leaks into a property can only mean more money on the run.

Commenting on the results Lisa Evans, spokesperson for, said: "It's a pity that so many British homeowners feel they do not have enough time or money to complete the pending DIY jobs in their homes."

"It's a good idea to reserve some time to do some work at home, or hire a trader for those you can not, especially because some people end up costing more if they try to take care of themselves" .

Whether you fall into the do-it-yourself or do-it-yourself category, it's always worthwhile to evaluate if you have the skills to see a repair job until the end.

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