Wednesday , April 14 2021

The toast to the DIY avocado is a fiction

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Avocado toast is one of those items where it usually makes sense to buy coffee: seasoned with onions vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes and / or sesame seeds, the presentation is usually much more elaborate of what you would put on your plate at home. We usually say, because a recent dinner was rather discouraged by its recent avocado toast.

It happened in Melbourne, Australia, where writer Jess McGuire ordered toast to the avocado for $ 18 Australian dollars, about $ 13 in US dollars. It was greeted with this lazy presentation of the fiction of minimalism:

The Kettle Black coffee dish in Melbourne housed two slices of toasted bread, half avocado, feta cheese, a slice of lime and a pinch of salt. McGuire told "It was fun, but a ridiculous dish to serve, I prefer my food to be built and I made the guess that it would be served like that." He even made a joke to the waitress that the dish looked a little deconstructed; the maid only smiled.

The coffee manager claims that this replacement dish is one of the most popular items in the hotel and has been served the same way for years. However, it seems rather pathetic, especially at that price point. The only way to justify this charge of $ 13 is if that salt line it is not in fact it goes up, you know it.

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