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These do-it-yourself costumes “for all the guys I’ve loved before” are perfect for a large group

To all the boys I've loved before It is one of the craziest moments of pop culture in 2018. Netflix's rom-com has become one of the favorite nighttime fans among those who were fans of the YA novel of the same name and viewers who previously were unaware of the sweet love story of the superiors. The film is adorable and moving, but it also has an enviable fashion going on. do-it-yourself To all the boys I've loved before costumes are a great group concept if you're thinking of doing the Halloween thing with friends. I am willing to bet that costume shops are not selling the film's looks in easy-to-buy packages, so here are some tips on how to create the characters' trendy outfits.

The funny thing about To all the boys I've loved before group costumes you can go as any number of combos depending on who intends to dress with you. There is Lara Jean and her sisters, Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky, Lara Jean, Peter and Josh, or even Lara Jean and all her recipients. The possibilities seem endless! The film's clothes stand out clearly – even Peter observes that Laura Jean has a great style at some point. Tip: To bring the evening's portion of accessories to the next level, bring a pack of baby carrots (a favorite of Lara Jean) and a letter (or five).

Lara Jean Covey


Longline Toggle Coat, from $ 26.99, Amazon

Pleated A-Line plaid wool blend skirt, $ 22.90, Amazon

Lady Bowknot Baby Peter Pan collar shirt, $ 12.99, Amazon

Square ring-shaped leather backpack, $ 68.93, Amazon

Lara Jean has an impeccable high school style. It's a mix of girly frills and 90's portraits like plaid skirts and chokers, and is not afraid of layers or colors that pop. His captivating wardrobe is unique, but is also easily replicable. There are so many Lara Jean looks that you can recreate: from her striped turtleneck to that silk bomber jacket to a mustard cap. I think her coat and pink apron backpack is a must if you're really trying to show off her essence of fashion.

Peter Kavinsky


Men's bomber jacket with striped zipped collar, $ 17.73, Amazon

Ah, what can I say about Peter Kavinsky that has not been said before? The delightful athlete is much more than a lacrosse jersey, even if he keeps his sartorial choices relatively simple. If you can capture her great hair and charm without effort, then you're gold.

Kitty and Margot


Necklace with custom name, $ 16.99, Amazon

Hooded sleeveless sweatshirt, starting at $ 30.95, Amazon

Eclectic taste runs in the family. For Kitty, glasses, braids and a necklace with gold plate should do the trick. (Hopefully your name is also Kitty, or do you really like cats?). Margot is harder to track down because she does not get all the time it takes for the screen, but she puts on a medium tart waistcoat and a pair of textured tights, so … you're there.



Classic denim jacket for men, from $ 17.35, Amazon

Ripped slim skinny ripped jeans, $ 24.99, Amazon

Described as an "aspiring Bon Iver", Josh is the emo boy next door. At one point wearing a suit in jeans (jeans and jacket!), So let's go with that.

John Ambrose McClaren


Slim Fit men's school uniform school jacket, $ 32.99, Amazon

Knock, knock! Surprise everyone by going as a last minute addition, John Ambrose McClaren. Flowers, a letter (duh), blue tie and a crested blazer (you can buy single patches or pins of your choice) = perfection of the sequence of credits. Do not laugh, but you can reuse yours joy Darlton Warblers jacket if you have one around from Halloween 2011.

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