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This do-it-yourself dog crate doubles as furniture

This handy do-it-yourself dog basket is not just a piece of furniture, it will also be a fabulous addition to any room in your home.

Those who have puppies know that creating your furry friend can be a necessity at the start. Even if you hate it, when you're not home or sleeping, having a friend in a basket is essential. The chest should be spacious, have their own toys and of course be an excellent environment for the dog.

Generally, most dog cases are ugly. They are black or silver, they look cold, uninviting and unattractive in every room of your home. Well, there's good news for those who need a dog crate and it seems to be smart. In fact, even if you're not overly smart, there's still hope. Second PopSugar, there is a do-it-yourself dog basket that also acts as a piece of furniture.

The materials needed for this fun project can be found anywhere and are relatively inexpensive. Instead of using wood, use melamine, which is cheaper but looks equally beautiful. Other materials include melamine tape, melamine finishing points, screws, drill and electric screwdriver.

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Remember that you are using a real dog crate and building it to be like a piece of furniture, so specifications depend on size. What you need is enough melamine for the lid, for the upper and lower short crosspieces, as well as for all corner posts.

It will take some time to put together but it is essential that you cover the uprights, the cover and the crosspieces with the melamine. Obviously, the case will still be transparent, but you can use the top for a lamp or for photos and can fit perfectly in a corner or on the edge of your sofa outdoors.

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The project takes a bit of time but at the end your puppy will have a comfortable basket and you will have a new piece of furniture. You can paint it in any color, which is a great way to illuminate any room in your home. If you have time and space, this is a fun do-it-yourself project that we highly recommend doing.


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