Monday , July 26 2021

This woodland decorating shop is a dream for do-it-yourselfers

Artisanat Home Decor is the dream of a lover of the trade. Located on Kuykendahl Road in The Woodlands, the airy open space encloses an eclectic mix of Mexican wood furniture, gifts from around the country and local art.

The owner Melissa Arteaga opened the shop last December as a natural extension of her own work. Arteaga, who was born in Mexico, studied biology as a student in St. Thomas, where she created signs of wall and string art to relieve stress. After sending some of his pieces to friends in Mexico, Arteaga found people who wanted to buy them from her.

"It actually helped me a lot to do things, so if I could get some money out of that, what was the damage, right?" He says.

Friends in Mexico wanted their corporate logos to be made with Arteaga's string art and, suddenly, business was booming. What was once a lateral hustle and bustle became an opportunity for a legitimate career. With the support of his father, husband and friends – many entrepreneurs themselves – Arteaga decided to open a shop in his home at The Woodlands, where there was a drought of outposts for art handmade and craft . Arteaga's husband, who studies business, was his "rock and biggest cheerleader," he says.

The effort did not come without challenges, though. At 27 and without any commercial experience to do, Arteaga had trouble finding landlords who would take it seriously.

"There is no real manual to which you can simply go and be like, ok, I'm trying to open a furniture store, what do I need?"she says." You just have to understand that. "

He did it, and the store does not only sell art, but also offers customers the opportunity to do so. Artisanat organizes how-to workshops on creating everything from Arteaga's beloved art of art to copper accessories to hangers.

"I firmly believe that almost everyone is able to do their own thing if they have the right instructions or understanding of the process," says Arteaga. "I know there are a lot of people like me who are crazy about DIY It was a little bit of that creative side of me that I wanted to provide these people with the tools and instructions and understanding of everything that [it]".

Classes can accommodate up to 16 people, but Arteaga likes the personalized attention that accompanies the smaller groups. String art lessons are particularly popular; the workshops are priced between $ 27 and $ 120, depending on what the students take home.

The goal of Arteaga for the store is simple: "I want the whole community and all people to understand and appreciate everything that is part of an art work," he says.

In the end, Arteaga wants to open a bigger venue, and there's a lot of demand for more stores, he says. For now, though, he wants The Woodlands to be the best he can be and to develop some name recognition around Artisanat.

"I'm just trying to make people understand that there's a lot of value and a lot of feeling in everything that's done by hand," he says. "I think we should continue to support people who do things, not just to help them make money, but to actually keep everything that these people are capable of."

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