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Tim Tebow on How to start chasing your call right now

Tim Tebow has been busy in recent years. Former Denver Broncos quarterback signed with ESPN, worked as a research analyst for the SEC network and coordinated the Tim Tebow Foundation. He spoke with thousands of students and young leaders at the Passion Conference and has no problem publicly discussing his faith.

Although recently he has seen many external successes, it has not always been easy for him to know exactly what his vocation was. After a tough fight in professional sports after being a legend in college football, Tebow had to overcome the disappointment and find his identity outside of his success.

In his new book, This is the day: resume your dream, ignite your passion, live your purposeTebow explains why we should not fall into the trap of postponing God's call to our lives, and instead we should seek our purpose today, even when it seems risky.

RELEVANT: what was the personal thing that was happening in your life that led you to write about this topic?

Tim Tebow: I think there were so many things. There were four or five different cases in which this really struck me. One of the first is around so many people who share: "One day I will go on a mission", "One day I will start a diet", "One day, I will go right with God", and this has begun to weigh on me. I started thinking, we do not know if we'll have a single day. We do not know what is guaranteed. But we know that we have this day, so we must start living this day as if it were our purpose with meaning, passion and meaning.

I was around with many young people who would have said, I can not wait when I'm old enough to do it. And I started thinking, you're not too young. You can still do it. And the old ones would say the same things.

So I wanted to encourage them that life is not about one day, it's about this day. You can find that purpose, passion and meaning in everything you do. You may not have the biggest platform, but you can transcend everything you do, whether it's going to the grocery store or hanging out with friends or with your family. If you can find the purpose and the passion in this, I would encourage people to go after their dreams and go behind what is in their hearts and not be afraid of what others are about to say or not to be all. ;height.

Take the leap of faith and follow it. Because the regret of not going after something is always so great. And if you're able to reach that dream or at least you did, and you're really looking for what you have in your heart.

Was it a time for you, in the NFL or in baseball or in broadcasts in which you felt like a similar case of being stuck when you were in touch with all those people?

I had to make this decision when I chose baseball. Most people asked, "Why should you take the chance of being ridiculed?" And I said, "Because that's what I have in my heart." It was something I wanted to pursue.

And I want to in turn encourage people to pursue their passions and what's in their heart. And it does not mean that it will always be easy or perfect. But this is the day when they can begin to live the dream that God has for their life and should not be stuck in the ordinary and the mundane.

While you were thinking of making that switch, I'm sure you anticipated much criticism. But what kinds of fears or doubts came into your mind, and how did you try to overcome them?

I knew there would be a lot of criticism. But I did not want to let everything and the opinions of others define me. Unfortunately, many times we let other people define us, rather than letting what God has put in our hearts and who we are in him defines us.

The world does not define you, because God already has.

This book has that foundation of faith. Obviously there are so many self-help books that people turn to feeling unglued. But why do you think it is important to include this element of faith in this change and conflict that people experience?

Well, it's a part of my life. It's not just what I do, but it's what I am and who I am. And I wanted to encourage readers that God has a plan and purpose for life and can take the next step in faith and go after what he put in their heart, to live with open eyes and open hands and to live with meaning, purpose and passion. And it's not all just for your dreams, but to look around you and see people who are sick and help them. The greatest way we have meaning is to love God and to love people. Being able to find it in everyday and ordinary, but also being able to transcend whatever you do in your life for a purpose.

So for me, it's not just a game, but watching how I can transcend it. Encourage teammates, encourage fans … making it more than a game. I wanted this book to be applicable. There are things we can do We can get up, we can activate and go after.

The God of the universe has a plan for you so we try to be aggressive in living every day. We live on tiptoe, not on our heels.

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