Monday , June 21 2021

University students are presumably in difficulty to vote because some do not know how to get the stamps

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va (About) – A Fairfax County official in Virginia said he noticed that many young people studying in a state other than that of which they are formally registered are not completing the voting process because they "do not know where to get stamps. "

Lisa Connors, who works at the Fair County Public Affairs Office, said the apparent problem was raised in a discussion group made up of university students who turned to government agencies in the area. .

"One thing that came to my mind, which I had heard from my children, but which I thought was only nerd, was that the students passed the application process for a vote by correspondence, in which the run-off was completed, and therefore not they know where to find the stamps, "Connors said, according to WTOP. "It seems to be like a hump that they can not overcome."

Several members of the group said they knew a lot of people who did not send their missing votes after filling out the information needed to receive them because of this exact reason.

"On the other side," Connors told WTOP. "They were all nodding and had a very lively conversation on" Oh yes, I know so many people who did not send them because they did not have a stamp ".

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