Saturday , December 5 2020

Upcycle Your Space: treatment with do-it-yourself heat burner

Sometimes, when you look at the old chest of drawers dated in the lobby, you just want to set it on fire, rather than finding a solution to your decorating dilemma …

Buy a blowtorch!

There are different versions for different purposes on the market; I purchased a small propane torch used to weld the hydraulic joints for about $ 20. In general, the larger the surface of your project, the more efficient it becomes to use a model with a larger flame.

Really, any wooden object is a fair game, so use your imagination!

Remove any paint or finish with a removal agent, carefully following the safety instructions or, if it is already quite worn, a light sanding can do the trick!

Before turning on your blowtorch, remember, safety first! Always wear a pair of glasses, gloves if you are in close contact with work and make sure that any loose clothing is hidden!

In slow and regular steps, start to carbonize the surface of your work piece, noting that the grain starts to change from blond to black.

Not only the final result, you should choose to install it outside, resist the elements, but also discourage the activity of insects!

Enjoy the charred fruits of your work!



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