Thursday , November 26 2020 Help: How to order

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Ordering from is easy!

  1. Create a account.
    Opens in a new window

  2. Find your desired items

    • Find the items you want to order
    • Click on Add to Cart
    • Continue shopping until you've added all the desired items to your cart
  3. Check your cart

    • To access your cart, you can:
      • Select the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen OR
      • Select View cart after adding an item to cart.
    • Change the quantities by selecting the Quantity in the cart.
    • Remove the items by clicking Remove in cart.
    • Select Extract when the order is complete.
  4. Check out

    • Enter your email address and password to log in
    • Did you forget your password? Click
      Opens in a new window
      to reset it.

Shipping your order

Are your items shipped to your home or have you chosen a free collection?


  • Enter your shipping address or select a saved address
  • Choose the shipping speed for your items based on the arrival dates shown. If no option is available, it's because your item only has one shipping option

Collection area:

  • If you want to use free shop pick-up, select a store from the pick list and click Continue.
  • If you do not see the desired collection location, you can select Edit and enter a different zip code to see more stores. Then make your selection and click Continue.
  • Enter the name of the primary withdrawal person and (optional) alternative withdrawal person. You can also enter your mobile number to receive SMS alerts and click on continue.

More information on Store Pickup is available
Opens in a new window

Choose a payment method

Opens in a new window
to see the accepted payment methods

Review your order

  • Confirm your shipping and payment details.
  • Click "Change" if you need to make any changes.
  • Click "Place Order" to complete the checkout process and submit your order.

Experiencing technical difficulties? Contact
Customer care
Opens in a new window
for assistance.

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