Monday , June 21 2021

Watch the snappy, insect-like moves of this do-it-yourself quadruped robot

Some robots with their legs end up moving with ponderous reflection, or oscillating in unstable jerks. Some unfortunates can do both at the same time. [MusaW]The printed Quadruped 3D robot, on the other hand, moves in rapid movements that manage to look crisp and insecure rather than unstable. Based on a previous design, has created a quadruped frame printable in 3D, [MusaW] has now released this detailed guide for creating your own version. All you need are STL files and about $ 50 in parts from the usual Chinese retailers to get the ingredients for a great weekend project.

The robot uses twelve SG90 servos and an Arduino nano with a servo driver board to control them all, but there is an additional function: the Wi-Fi control is provided thanks to a Wemos D1 Mini (which uses an ESP-8266EX) which acts as a wireless access point to serve a simple web interface through which the robot can be controlled with any web browser.

Below is a short video. The first half is the assembly and the second part shows the rapid and sharp movements of the robot.

We like it when robots show a certain personality, like this adorable quadruped robot that can make small jumps.

Thanks to [Baldpower] for the tip!

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