Thursday , July 29 2021

when the “deconstructed” food goes too far

DReportedly, the entrants are on the trend to "deconstructed food", so you are presented with a range of ingredients: for example an avocado, a bit of bread, a toaster and – who knows ? – a real chicken, and said to fix your brunch. Coming in the wake of the post-plate revolution, which unfortunately shows no sign of falling, it seems to deserve a certain grinding of the teeth. Precisely for what we pay these bozo, people ask, not without reason.

As with most of the trends, and more particularly for most of the reactions against particularly trendy trends, behind all the calls for fair play and common sense there are a lot of coded things that bubbling like the laboratory beaker full of frothy milk served, along with one of coffee and one of hot water, for a stunned Melbourne visitor bar instead of the fully made drink he thought he would get.

People do not like to feel trolled: the suspicion that the metropolitans would be sophisticated are not just nonsense for the sake of it, but just to solve the sheep from goats – to make them outside the magic circle feels like a rub or a bug.

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