Wednesday , June 23 2021

Würth publishes cabinets for the protection of do-it-yourself origami

These cabinets are made of thin sheet metal and tinplate, which allows the user to fold them independently according to the needs of the EMC solution. WE-SHC shielding enclosures are designed to keep electromagnetic radiation away from the printed circuit board and improve noise immunity to the output and input stages of HF, oscillator and EMC sensitive components in plastic housings.

Described as "ShielDIY – Do It Yourself Custom Shielding Cabinet", this tool is completely customizable in shape, with pre-cut bending lines at intervals of 5 mm.

According to Würth: "To produce a single screening frame of the required shape, all that needs to be done is cut with scissors, folded and welded on the PC board.It is recommended to cut along the sculpted lines before bending to the desired shape. store welding material. "

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