Thursday , June 24 2021

You need advice on how to deal with this problem.

So my DH (dear husband) and I feel totally screwed. I will try to make it as short as possible. Let's just say that we help my parents VERY. How to pay for their cell phones, allowing my sister to live with us to go to high school, making sure their bills are paid and even allowing them to borrow one of our machines when they break. And this is where the problem arrives.

My mother's car broke down and had no means of transportation to work. My DH (dear husband) I just took a cash machine to be his work car. So he let my parents use it until they repaired my mother's car. Well, they had another broken car that was my old car that had been sitting for quite a while. I mean years he was sitting since 2013. DH (dear husband) and I said we'll fix that car and then decide which one we want it to be the one we just bought or the one we just repaired and my parents could have the other car. So they ended up with a car that worked and could still repair my mother's car.

Well, my father is a mechanic and told us to take him to his friend who was working at the same dealership with him. He said he would make a deal and be "right" with us. So we did. Since the jump since the car would not start, the bat said it would have been $ 3,500 to repair it. We thought it was a bit too much, but we knew it had been so long that we thought it was fine, especially because he had said he would find a brand new engine. We told my father how much and he was quite shocked by the price but said he was just covering his ass. But we told him that the price was a final price and that it was with parts and labor and my father was quite speechless. So come and find out that my father told us that he found a motor for $ 650 that his friend sent him a message and my father showed my DH (dear husband) so we were confused about the price. Then, last week, my friend dad said he would need another $ 500 from us because we needed a new fuel pump. So now the total is $ 4000. DH (dear husband) and I was really hesitant because we felt that it was getting too much and it was not yet close to finish the car. He told DH (dear husband) that would not be finished until the end of this month. DH (dear husband) split and said okay. We said that if it goes up again, be crazy. Well, the next day, he says he needs another $ 200 for another. We told my parents that we did not intend to fix it any longer and it was better to use that money to be used as a down payment for a car used by a dealership. My father tried to justify the price. But we still said no. We had already given his friend $ 2000 for a down payment and to start on the car. So asking another 2,200 was getting too much. Well, my parents said they would take control of the car and find out that they already had it. When they told us it would not be done until the end of the month. But miraculously everything is ready and ready.

We feel really fucked. A bit from both my parents and their friend. Simply because he was their friend and they have guaranteed and continued to support him. Even my parents in a sense, because it just seems so sketchy. My DH (dear husband) calculated the numbers sought the parts and all the parts he said he bought. DH (dear husband) I looked for brand new parts and still have not come to $ 4,200, coming in at around $ 1,100 for the parts and that's all new. And so $ 3,100 is for work? It's ridiculous. Idk I just needed to vent myself because I could not let my parents out of there, of course. If you've done it here. Thanks, I think I have a lot more in my mind than I thought. ?

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