Tuesday , January 26 2021

A programmer forgets the password to access his $ 240 million Bitcoin password and has two attempts left to prevent it from being lost forever.

Ten years ago, the programmer received 7,002 Bitcoins as a reward for making a clear video about cryptocurrency.

Stephen Thomas, a programmer based in San Francisco, USA, has forgotten the password that allows him to access 7,002 Bitcoins, which are currently valued at about $ 240 million. The password, he wrote on paper Lost years ago, Allows you to unlock a small hard disk called an iron key containing private keys for your digital wallet.

Hard disk protection system gives users ten attempts to encrypt its contents forever. So far, Stefan has made eight failed attempts He has only two left.

In 2011, when Stefan lived in Switzerland, he was one of the first fans of that cryptocurrency, launched at the time, giving him 7,002 Bitcoins as a gift. To make an animated video called ‘What is Bitcoin?‘, Explains how this virtual currency works.

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If the occultist finds new ways to break complex passwords in the future, Stefan is now in a safe place. Also, she found that keeping him from trying to not think about the money she lost.

“I came to a place where I told myself. ‘Let it be in the pastFor your own mental health, ”the New York Times quoted the programmer as saying.

Unlike traditional bank accounts and other online wallets, the Bitcoin operating system cannot provide or store passwords. The basic idea of ​​the money was to allow anyone in the world to open a digital bank account without being registered with a financial institution or having any form of identity verification.

Meanwhile, Chinalysis, a crypto-currency data company, citing the U.S. newspaper, estimates that about 20 percent of existing bitcoin is in lost or lost wallets.

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