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Granada 0-8 Mexico: Summary and Goals Premundial Sub-20 Concacaf (VIDEO)

The Tricolors have completed the difference of +19 and 10 points, just like Jamaica, but with the best offense.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

IMG Academy Stadium, Bradenton, Florida –

Mexican national team under 20 filled the prognosis, but it is not enough to be seen in the next round Premalious from Concacaf. tricolor they ran for Granada 8-0 with Edgar López and José Juan Macías as the protagonists of the party.

While Aztecs reached 10 units, with the difference of 19 goals, take the first place in Group B still does not give them classification, Jamaica is behind them and the last day will define the future of these combinations.

Actions are just starting Efraín Orona, the captain of the team, opened a scoring with a direct hit to the goal of the island. It all seemed to be a real humiliation, but it was all until 30 minutes when it was 2-0 from Macias with the intervention of Misael Domínguez.

Edgar López He continued to 38th to increase the 3-0 result with a header without a defensive tag that prevented him. So they rested, but back Lopez signed his double and 4-0, Everything was easy for Mexicans, Diego Ramírez sought more and it was gained; with the fifth thanks Alexis Gutiérrez.

In the final part of the match and the players of Granada they lost their tiredness and cramp, Macías set 6-0 and Diego Hernández continued with 7-0.

It just came in exchange and Daniel López did not go without a celebration her explanation for which she extended the sentence to 8-0 at 89 & # 39; Mexico and Jamaica have the same number of pointsBut Aztecs have the advantage of nine goals after 7-1 Jamaica against Aruba in a duel that played at the same time with the Mexicans.

It will be next Saturday when Tricolor Sub-20 meets Aruba to end the activity of the group and it will do so by knowing the results of Jamaica who will face San Martino.

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