Friday , September 17 2021

Kareena Gustavo called Dudamel “crab” and Celia Cruz ugly (+ video)

The singer participated in the “Entrogradoos” program, where she released several truths.

Well known singer Kareena recently gave an interview for Miguel Angel Redondo’s Entourage Rados YouTube.

Creole conductor Gustavo spoke about Dudamel and what she said about him was not a positive thing.

The theme of the program is based on drinking or drinking until the interview develops. So between drinks Kareena started releasing the truth.

At one point, the translator was presented with the game “Marry, fuck and kill”. So the publicity is that she has to choose which artists she wants to spend the night with, marry or eliminate him.

The Venezuelans had to choose between Gustavo Aguado, Gustavo Dudamel and Gustavo Ellis.

In this sense, the woman decides to kill Aguado, sleep with Ellis, and marry Dudamel. However, when it comes to the latter, she did not do it in the best way.

“I will kill Gustavo Aguado. No, but marrying Dudamel is a crab (…) Chamito (Gustavo Ellis) Yes I love him …”, the singer said.

Creole spoke of Celia Cruz, a missing Cuban singer.

At one point, the animator asked her about the most popular artist she had ever met, and she replied that it was Celia Cruz, but on the other hand she confessed that she was one of the ugliest women she had ever seen.

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