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Thala "suffused" during a visit to Mexico This is the reason! (VIDEO)

November 5, 2018

Thala visited Mexico this weekend.

PHOTO: Instagram @Thalia

Thala visited Mexico City where he lived with his Mexican supporters, and the singer before leaving the capital revealed that he felt "flat". What will this be the reason?

This weekend, the singer on the occasion of her international tour was in an autograph company in the commercial square south of the Mexican capital, where she was praised and acknowledged by the crowd who met a few days in advance.

Thala in her social network documents her visit to her beloved Mexico, sends various messages to her fans, stating that she feels "inflated" by the public's favor.

"We're out of the car, full of me, I'm so infatuated with the kind of love I've been given … to feel them", enjoying Tommy Mottole's wife in his Instagram stories.

According to Maxine Woodside, in his "Todo para la Mujer" program, Thalina's visit was a success, where her audience "apapacho" was waiting for her.

The singer, after arriving at the mall, was admitted to the mariachima and said "Happy, Happy and Happy" about her # Thaliachallenge.

In this signing of autograph Thal has received several awards for her latest achievements, among which I do not remember, which is also not the presence of the audience.

"It inspires us to be happy and always looks at our fans," said Thale, pointing out that he had come to the venue for several days a few days in advance.

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