Tuesday , January 26 2021

Top 10 Major League Catchers by MLB

those MLB Thrown a list of 10 people Better subscribers Active Big leagues, Dropped gold gloves eight times, Yadier Molina.

Here is our list of selected ones:

  1. JT Realmuto.
  2. Yasmani Grund, White Sox de Chicago.
  3. Will Smith, Angeles Dodgers.
  4. Wilson Contreras, Chicago Cubs.
  5. Sean Murphy, Auckland Athletics.
  6. Austin Nola, San Diego Padres.
  7. Salvador Perez, Kansas City Royals.
  8. Travis de Arnard, New York Mets.
  9. Mitch Garver, Minnesota twins.
  10. James McCann, Mets of New York.
  • Molina He took his team to the playoffs last season, something that Salvador Perez, JT Realmuto and Travis de Arno could not do. Also, if the profession Yadier Molina Was falling, I did not have the six offers on the table for you at this free agency MLB.

    We are talking about the second catcher with the most gold gloves MLB, Winner of two World Series, 9 times Overall Star, 4 times Platinum Gloves and Silver Bat.

    Recipient MLB Although he has been consistent throughout his career in the best baseball game in the world, they still see him as a Puerto Rican idol.

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