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Venezuela was born in Kabrethivu

January 20, 2019 08:37 PM
January 20, 2019 9:34 PM

The singer Nacho, singer Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, connected this Sunday with Instagram, the chairman of the National Council and the president of the Republic Juan Manuel Guadelo.

So far only 45,000 spectators have been broadcast. The relationship between the singer and the MP fell short with the first connection.

When the video was restarted, the chairman of the National Assembly of NASCO addressed him. "I express my affection and dignity, and your intentions are good, to see that all our social classes and ideologies are reaching out to reach our country"

The singer reiterated that this interview would teach another aspect of GUIDO. "Who else is the Venezuelan people who are the Younvi Guido," MP said.

"I worked hard in working my country, and I worked hard and happy with my grandparents, so I have spoken very clearly to you in the last days." My university education, like my uncle who loved me in a humble home, He helped me pay for money, and he paid with my dreams and dreams, and he paid, "said Guido.

He described how the Republican presidential post was started in politics.

"We always acted as Catholic at the Catholic University of Andes, and we believed in contributing and contributing to the community, and I remember when the RCTV was closed when we established the Republic of Wolkswagen in 2007.

In his protests in 2014 and 2017, he declared: "In 2014, in 2014 we built a majority in 2017 and won a majority in the national parliament." Many have been devoted. Suhrar Pearce, who defines himself as a sacrifice for his freedom to make his independence in Venezuela,

He spoke on the manner in which the powers of a country were subject to one duty in the present political situation. "Leadership is bound up with responsibility in accepting responsibility, we need to pile our sand, this responsibility is to change our position and to overthrow and restore democracy in Venezuela"

He nevertheless began to hold meetings with the citizens who thanked Calidus. "Some 200 years ago, Venezuelan Caribbean Abiottoos was born.

"Huang Gayado will continue to bring forth his children who want to emphasize who is going to fight today," he said.

He argued that the work in parliament had changed in previous years. "We have learned from mistakes, a way we need to follow, international support, adherence to the disagreeed Chavist people and a willingness to fight continuously."

"We have respect for and we are going to apply our constitution, Maduro does not respect anyone, our Magna less than anyone."

The crisis in the country led by Guido, addressed the Venezuelan people who were forced to return to the countries of origin. "I am aware that your choice is not simple," he said, "Venezuelans are overseas. But I am aware that we are committed to changing this situation. Our resources are not born entirely to make our children go to other boundaries. On the contrary, we were born to be happy in our country. "

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