Tuesday , January 26 2021

XIII Congress Dominican Society of Perinatal Medicine (Sodompe)

Santo Domingo.— The The Dominican Society of Perinatal Medicine (Sodompe) will hold its XIII Conference in conjunction with the Second Congress of the Dominican Maternity Gynecological Association (Sodomoff). Feb. 5-7, At the International Conference Center in Punta Cana, Implementation of all protocols established by the authorities.

Remember that The event was suspended twice due to the COVID-19 epidemic, It was originally planned to be held from 18th to 21st June 2020 and later the date was changed from 10th to 13th December 2020.

Under the motto “Perinatology: Myths and Realities of the Digital Age”, Both societies will treat premature and post-technical research on maternal and fetal diseases, peripheral mortality, the great challenge that exists today, the survival of infected newborns, from old to present.

Also, they will address the fetal origin of chronic adult diseases, epogenetics, neonatal resuscitation measures, old to new care, FMF neck measurement certification, FIGO conference on prematurity, good practices in NB care. , Neuroscience Interventional Cardiology, New Perspectives on Resistance, Immunization, Research in Peripheral Science, Forensic Medicine and Peripheral Psychology, Breastfeeding and Attachment.

Event organizers and suppliers are in charge of Turinless. For more information call 809-565-3500 or write an email [email protected]


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