Tuesday , January 26 2021

Accounted for on Facebook and more than 250 million have been scammed

And tinhHong Duk Trong and Fan Man Tuan created websites to vote for game shows to acquire Facebook accounts and swindle over 250 million VNDs from 4 people.

On Jan. 13, 21-year-old Trung and 24-year-old Tuan, both from Triumph Fong District in Quang Tai Province, were charged by Hong Lin City Police and detained for three months. Fraudulent seizure of assetsAccording to Article 174 of the Penal Code.

Doubt the evidence of Tuan (left) and Trung and the Investigation Agency.  Photo: C.A.

Doubt the evidence of Tuan (left) and Trung and the Investigation Agency. image: Provided by the police

According to the investigation, in early 2020, Trung and Tuan created a website called “Vote for the Child Supermodel” that contained malicious code, requiring users to disclose their Facebook address and password when accessing. The two then hijacked the account, “researched” the relationship, and then texted relatives and friends saying they would pay in a few days if there was an urgent need to borrow money.

The actions of Tangerine and Tuan revealed that he had sent a text message to his mother, a resident of the 7th Hong Ward in Hong Lin Township, during the takeover of the Facebook page of a young man working abroad, requesting a transfer of 50 people. Million VND through bank accounts for “taking care of work”.

One week after the victim’s report, two suspects were arrested while in hiding in Kwang Nam. Trung and Tuan Kai have committed three scams in Hin Tinh and some other areas since the beginning of December, capturing more than 200 million VNDs.

Duck Hung