Monday , April 12 2021

Discovering the Body of a Lost Man Events

On November 10, Colonel Colonel Do Xuan Son, Chief of Police Station Ngoc Lac (Thanh Hoa), initially identified the victim and most likely this person in distress while hunting.

According to colonel Sin, about 16 o'clock on November 9, the Minh Thai peasants (Minh Son district, Ngoc Lac district) discovered the body of man in the process of decay. On the scene, the body of the victim lost his head.

Immediately after receiving the news, police station Ngoc Lac was present at the scene, simultaneously coordinating with the medical examination, scene and finding the missing body. A few minutes later, the functional forces found the head of the body victim about 7 m.

The victim's identity was later identified as Mr. Trio Van Nguyen (57, living in Ha Son village, Ngoc Khe municipality, Ngoc Lac district). Through information from the family and traces of the scene, police initially found that during an early hunt the victim was unlucky and bitten by wild pigs.

After autopsy, field inspections, public security organs surrendered to the victim's body to bring the family home to the grave. The case was investigated by the police, he clarified.

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