Tuesday , July 27 2021

SMA ended nearly a week when spectators were still impressed with Irene's "mature woman" (red velvet).

The beauty of Irene (red velvet) is not always commended. She is considered to be the new generation of SM's deity and Kpop's third popularity. The red velvet member can change the shape of the face according to each image. The linen was so clean, sometimes cold, and she often echoed her lover's appearance in times of operation. Recently, at the Seoul Music Awards, a child of SM unveiled a "mature female" figure of antique-looking and elegant.

Irene (red velvet)'s
When Irene was still courteous to the mature woman, the SMA ended nearly a week.
SMA ended up nearly a week after being in love with Irene (red velvet)'s "mature female beauty".

Irene's beauty is now tired until SMA 2019.

This task is very large when contributing to the beauty of a woman's image to ensure that the team belongs to the artist. The idea of ​​staining her hair for a robin is usually better than she "better", but her beauty was fertile and mature as a powerful woman. In addition, the men's uniform has been upgraded. Irene was a clever leader when she was with her crew. It may have been a bit different, and the pine enough was enough to pour into the walls of the walls for the walls.

Ini (Red Weert)'s "mature woman" still ended in love stories SMA for a week - photos 4.

Irene was suddenly glowing with other women, with little convexity and slightly different ones.

Inini (red velvet)'s "mature woman" is still in love with SMA for nearly a week - Photos 5.
When Irene (Red Devil)'s "mature woman" was still in touch, SMA ended the week ending. - Photos 6.
When Irene (Red Devil)'s "mature woman" was still in touch, SMA ended the week end. - Photos 7.
SMI ended up nearly a week short of Irene (red velvet)'s "mature woman". Photographs.

SMA 2019 is another "innovative" image of the leader Rudd Velvet.

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