Tuesday , July 27 2021

Two people were killed in the street at Hanoi Street

The answer is January 20 TC NewsWan Sy Ich of the Tan Ling Commune said three people were injured when a motorbike collided with a van this morning.

According to preliminary information, Tok Lite (Tan Lin, Bawwie) stopped the sale of goods by the woman at the middle of a motorcycle at the women's door. By this time, the car of four passengers from SunT to Tan Lin was attacked by three people.

Two assaults two people who buy Hanoi Street goods - Photos 1.

The crime scene. (Source: Hang here)

The strong tone between the three people who sold sales and the emergency hospital. The front glass of the car is in front and the rear end of the motorcycle has collapsed.

The three victims in the house are in "Ba vi", but still do not know their identity, and the girl and the seriously injured midwife are still being treated at the hospital. The girl behind the vehicle tomorrow will end, Mr. ICH says.

Ich adds that active forces are still investigating the incident.

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