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& # 39; Maintaining the Top of the Kardashians & # 39; he finally showed us how Khloe reacted to Cheating Trick Thompson's scandal

Seven months have passed since the video appeared apparently showing Cleveland Cavaliers Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian when he was only a few weeks from daughter's birth. But no Kardashian scandal really ended until we see it evolving to "Keep up with the Kardashians."

This finally happened in the Sunday episode titled "Betrayal," which featured various members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan reacting to the news while they talked together in a group conversation. If there was no group talk, it was Khloe, who was preparing for her birthday in Cleveland.

"There's a video about Tristan who came out with a girl last night," Kim says in a set that recorded this kind of confessional video. "Oh no!" Says an unnamed producer.

"I know," Kim replied. "Khloe will die."

Quarters in other family members, all appearing on the blind side. Kendall, fresh from a scooter with Kourtney's former partner, Scott, gets the text Kim and asks whether this is true. It does not sound good that Kim is the one who sent the text, according to Scott, who claims that if anyone knows about the truthfulness of the rumor, that is it.

"This is really shocking and heartbreaking," says Kourtney, at home in Calabasas, California. "It makes me disgusting."

Kylie, taking her hair and makeup, is concerned that her very pregnant sister is learning the news.

"Nobody had the courage to say to Khloe because we knew that the days were far from birth, we did not want to emphasize it," she explains. "But we knew it was right."

Kylie tells the audience that she is the one who finally told Khloe. "I did not want to hurt her feelings, but I felt like I should hear from one of us, opposite the internet."

After getting bad news, Khloe calls Kim. Khloe sounds like she cries, and Kim tells her to stay calm. "I can not be quiet," says Khloe. "Not now."

The drama, which inspired nurses Kardashian-Jenner to gather around Khloe, did not play until 30 minutes into the episode. In earlier scenarios, Khloe's viewers were updated on her progress – including early contractions – in video diaries. It was ten days from the date of maturity in the diary that was broadcast before the screaming scandal of assembly response.

Khloe responded to the episode as she aired it. "Oh, my God, my heart is competing! So crazy how emotions never die! You can forgive, but forgetting is not possible," she TweetedHe also commented on the long scandal on our television screens.

By the end of the episode, it seems that Khloe was in labor, and the rebellious Kris escaped from her. Kim and Kourtney are preparing to fly to Cleveland to support their sister as Khloe's best friend, Malika, instructed the family to be hearty to Thompson, who will be in the delivery room despite the personal drama of couples.

Khloe explained that decision in a tweet, telling fans that "she decided to put her feelings on the side for birth and try to have as much positive energy as I can".

It is no coincidence that the Kardashians were waiting for the tabloid cycle of the drama story to tell this story in their own way, on their own time line. This is part of genitalism "Kardashian's Maintenance," a similar treatment brought Kim's plunder in Paris and controversy against Kendall's widely ridiculed Pepsi ad. So far, the show just told a part of the story of scam scandal – how the drama developed in Calabasas.

The next episode, released on November 18, will focus on everything that was dropped in Cleveland, where Khloe had her and Thompson's daughter, true.

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