Tuesday , July 27 2021

Al Qaeda linked Jihadists kill 10 UN peacekeeping forces in Mali

Al-Qaeda-linked Jihadists, Baamokoo, Mali (AP) – 10 wounded and at least 25 wounded in northern Mali during a period of eight months in a UN peacekeeping mission, one of the United Nations peacekeeping missions.

The UN Secretary General has said that all the peacekeeping troops from Chad who were killed in the attack on Agaloch were from Chad. This offensive is strongly condemned and can be said to be a war crime.

Peace "was a strong response, and many assassinations were killed." Attackers came for motorcycles and automobiles on Sunday morning.

A 15,000-strong peacekeeping operation, established in 2013 in Mali, U.N. The West African nation has been threatened by extremist groups affiliated to al Qaeda and the Islamic State, and the attack has been directed to the Mali Mali population.

The United Nations has a number of armies to fight with the Mali, the largest foreign military operation in France and the five-nation counter-rearmament of the five-nation zone to fight the Jihadists.

The Chad peacekeeping force, which has been a major contributor to the region's security efforts, has been repeatedly attacked in Mali. By the end of 2018, 51 Chandradian peacekeepers were killed while serving in the UN mission.


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