Tuesday , July 27 2021

China's seeds are on the moon!

Figure 1 Life Begins! Cotton seeds on the moon (Picture Credit on CNSA / Chongquing University)

For the first time in the history of the universe, life has taken on another preoccupation.

First, another new life for mankind … a new life on the new world. This is always going to happen, and sometimes Chinese scientists expected to wait a little longer before writing to a settler for small seedlings.

Small plants could not save the cold lunar night.

Of course not everything is lost. Chinese researchers pointed out that the lunar night and cycle would be the biggest challenge. Now they know how difficult this challenge is. Failure is a great teacher, and the next time researchers are allowed to create better methods.

Last month, we covered China's Chang 4 operation and we have discussed the Atomic Biomass Test in Changing Lander. You can see in the bottom photo of Bioprop Plastic.

The image of the image near the canister near Earthquake (Image: CNSA / Chongqing University)

Canister is 18 cm in diameter and 16 cm in diameter. Weight is 2.6 kg. It was made from plane grade aluminum. Cost $ 1.5 million and included a $ 90,000 million camera.

A small sealing unit is a seed and insect pupae, and is intended to form sympathy with one another while purchasing one's life, and in another world it demonstrates the possibility of a closed ecosystem. It is not indispensable for colonialists in the future space. Since this is not dependent on food, oxygen, or other necessities, it is hoped to plant this.

There are six different species of organisms that have been developed to create an ecosystem consisting of manufacturers, consumers and releases.

Figure 3 Life cycle (Figure: University of CNSA / Chongqing)

Examples include: cotton, mercury, potatoes, stone coughs, yeasts and fruit flies (previously reported reports of worms, yeast and insects taken oxygen for plants and CO2 for plants, as a dish for insects Worked and any waste left from the defects will be fertilizer for the soil .. The perception described in the above picture is described and you read the Chinese The unknown.

The first seeds germinated at the far side were cottonseed, then potatoes and rapeseed. Cotton seedlings have previously been reported to have died, and the survival of other plants is still unclear.

China has undergone a tobacco test again to control the planet. You may see the devices you use for the device you are producing in the following image.

Figure 4 Stars are twin. Control of the Earth on Earth (image credit CNSA / Chongquing University)

So far, there have been over 170 experiments and we hope to bring more of them out of their release.

Other Chang'an 4 news

In addition to the biological research, other experiments on the land have already begun.

One such experiment is Germany's developed 4-way lander and neutron radiation detector and a neutral atomic detector on Sweden's developed rover. According to CNSA, both have been investigated before commencing the investigation. The first data of the neutron detector is initially sent to Earth for analysis in early February.

Finally, we have seen the first scene from the lunar region that was released last week. You can see the image of the image below. Otherwise, this link can view the full length of the Xinhua website.

Figure 5 Chlamydial autopilot (Picture Credit: CNSA)

Always keep up-to-date with any new developments on the far side of the Moon.

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