Sunday , February 28 2021

Emerging popularity of e-sports in Africa amid infectious diseases

The first competition at Jiv Studios, based on a book of the same name written by Marc Rigadis, founded in 2063 by Ussoni, is, above all, a story of injustice, love and loss when Europe has exhausted all resources. Africa is becoming the cradle of hope, and everyone is looking forward to seeing the sun again. / Live Studio

The popularity of e-sports in Africa is being felt across the Kenyan border during this epidemic. Jiv Studios in Nairobi is one of the leading developers in the country, according to Sadiq Shaban of CGTN.

As the world battles the global epidemic, sports fans are still limited to packing stadiums. This has led to thousands of online gamblers across Africa filling in the gaps.

One entrepreneur in Kenya has taken advantage of this situation to start a business.

“We got involved in gambling in the middle of last year. I think this is the peak of COVID. COVID I think it was only in March, May, June that we were entering sports development. You know you ‘ve always been a player but at that point I could really see how shifting focus and entertainment is now focusing on the game of gambling. So I had the opportunity to start a live studio to develop sports in Africa for Africa, ”said Max Musao, CEO of Jeev Studios.

Within a few months, the Swahili name for the stones, Jive – Uzoni, their own online game – will mean the same language of the future. The prototype was released in December and the acceptance is encouraging.

“So the story goes that Ophelia travels to Turkmenistan, where she makes prophecies along the way. You know it was set up in the year 2062. So people are now using what is happening in climate change and old migration routes to go to Europe instead of Africa. The only place where the sun shines is in Africa because people are now trying to get it back.

In addition to Uzoni, the company also organizes online e-sports competitions for Kenyan and other African athletes.

Max Musao: “We host tournaments that mostly involve mobile players from e-sports in African countries. Most of the time we play Call of Duty games and globally we have close to 1000 spectators so we have an e-sports tournament or e-sports league online. well.”

Jeev Studios represents the face of changing sports across Africa and the company believes that its market will expand exponentially in the coming years.

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