Monday , April 12 2021

Facebook Messenger will soon allow you to delete a message within 10 minutes of sending

Facebook plans to open a new Messenger update that will allow users to delete sent messages from chat conversations within 10 minutes of sending.

Twitter has noticed the feature listed as "soon" in the Release Notes for the 191.0 Messenger for iOS, "The Verge said on Wednesday.

"If you send a wrong photo, incorrect data, or a wrong thread, you can easily fix it by deleting the message within ten minutes of sending", read the description.

The feature was first discovered and tweeted about an engineer named Jane Manchun Wong in October while it was tested.

In the midst of data breaches and other scandals, the company quietly deleted the messages that Messenger shared with Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg CEO, after which the company said the message retrieval option would also be available to all Messenger users, the media reported on April.

However, the company did not announce any specific date when the functionality was finally available to users.

Earlier in March, Facebook released the "Delete for Everything" feature in WhatsApp, which provides users with a one-hour window to remove sent messages from individual and group conversations.

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